A collection of some of my thoughts/studies on pure functional programming, category theory and probably a random topic here and there.

Meet Pippa

Dogs are incredible!

A whole lot of diggin'

Summer is fast approaching, the pool will be a welcome break from the heat!


June was a bad month

Function types

Function types, currying and exponentiation.


Mapping a cartesian product of categories to another category.

Functors in Haskell

Some notes on endofunctors in real life Haskell programming.

Functors 101

From one category to another.

Monics and epics

In the category Set, monics relate to injective functions and epics relate to surjective functions.

Composable things

Things that are composable such as types and functions.

What is Category Theory?

A very brief overview of category theory as it applies to programming.


A project I'm working on to learn Purescript.