Languages, tools and frameworks I am skilled in. Not by any means an exhaustive list but rather a most relevant one.


    • C++ (up to C++20)

      I haven't really used C++ in a long time. The last project I did using C++ was a virtual machine as a little refresher (before I started learning the new functional features).

    • GLSL, renderman & mental ray

      As a visual effects programmer I wrote shaders for various projects.

    • Haskell & Purescript

      My current passions along with category theory.

    • Rust

      I've had a little exposure to Rust. I wrote a raytracer using Rust over a weekend while learning the language. Thoroughly enjoyed the language and I plan to do more in the near future.

    • Javascript/Typescript/Node.js & HTML/CSS

      The meat and potatoes of my day-to-day job.

    • Python

      Mostly used for visual effects development, but will use more in my day-to-day job.


    • React/React Native & ecosystem

      React is my personal preference for a frontend framework.

    • Vue & ecosystem

      But this is what I use professionally at Lessonspace.

    • Express, HAPI & Fastify

      Part the Lessonspace infrastructure is built using Fastify which is giving me exposure to this framework.

    • Gatsby & Next.js

      I built this site using Next.js.

    • Django

      Have used a little and will be using this as much of the Lessonspace infrastructure is built on Django.

    • Sanity & Hygraph (GraphCMS)

      I used Sanity for this site.


    • MongoDB

    • PostgreSQL/MySQL

    • Redis


  • REST & GraphQL


  • Git & Docker


  • Windows, Linux and Mac