A whole lot of diggin'

Although I'm busy with my Haskell projects in my free time I haven't done any posts on programming. I do plan to put together a series of posts at some point in the future when I feel things have gotten to the point where it's worth writing down and sharing my experiences.

On a side note we are finally building the pool (which is something we've been planning on building for the last three years - it just kept getting bigger each year). Probably a good thing we've started now, would not be able to manage another year and a bigger pool!

The dogs are going to love it, especially Fenton, Willow and Coco.

It's been great to do some hard manual labour, the first real exercise I've had in nearly two years so it's been good for me.

Still long ways to go. Here is Fenton proudly looking over his soon to be kingdom.