Meet Pippa

A month ago my girlfriend found a dog on the side of the road with a broken leg. It was an old injury and she was in a lot of pain. Some people had tried to catch her earlier that day but she was just too quick. She called a vet out to dart it and it was taken to the vet and unfortunately the leg had to be amputated.

Not all these stories have happy endings but this one did! She now has a new home and goes by the name Pippa. It's wonderful seeing how these dogs just get up and carry on with life.

Here she is with her new best friends. Stoked!

On a side note the foundations for the inner walls are nearly ready to pour then we can start building the inner walls. All the piles of dirt on the inside of the hole are stone that Richard and I have broken up with picks. Been a hard job chipping away at this bastard but it's been great getting some proper exercise done!