About me

I currently work at Lessonspace as a full-stack engineer. Most of my professional day-to-day work is on a collaborative ed-tech platform which is built using Vue, WebRTC, CRDT and a host of other cutting-edge tech.

I've been writing software since 2005, and professionally since 2007 when I began my career in the visual effects industry. From 2007 to 2013 I primarily wrote pipeline oriented software for visual effects with the occasional project requiring specialised solutions for rendering or simulations.

In 2013 I had the opportunity to pursue some travel and film projects, so from then to 2019 I took quite a detour from software development. I was very fortunate to travel to many amazing places as a filmmaker and photographer commissioned by clients such as Patagonia, Costa del Mar, Smith Optics and LOOP.

Whilst getting to travel to remote corners of the world such as the Louisiades Archipelago in Papua New Guinea, or visiting long-lost Kanton Atoll were incredible highlights of my life, deep down I still missed writing software.

In 2022 I finally had the opportunity to return to my first passion of software development, this time focusing on the complex and fast paced world of web development.

As a devoted lifelong learner I'm currently teaching myself pure functional programming and category theory. In my free time I write a bit of Haskell or Purescript code, or bolster my understanding of the abstract concepts exposed by category theory. I have also discovered a passion for botany so when not at my desk I'm propagating trees in my greenhouse. Sometimes I'll manage to fit all three of those current passions into a single day!