Below are four documentaries that I both filmed and produced. They cover one of my lifelong passions which is fly fishing, specifically saltwater fly fishing. They document some of the amazing experiences to be had in the Seychelles, Sudan and the Socotra archipelago.

7 Degrees South

Alphonse Island, Seychelles is a fly fishers dream and one of the best places in the world to guide. 7 Degrees South gives you a guides glimpse of the amazing outer atolls and the unique species that can be caught on fly.

9 Degrees South

Follow Keith Rose-Innes and Devan van der Merwe on their quest to hunt the monster giant trevally that roam the legendary Cosmoledo and Astove atolls in the Seychelles.


Fly fishing the Nubian flats in the Red Sea off the coast of Sudan.

Shadow Fishing in the Yemen

A film that documents a journey of saltwater fly fishing exploration in the islands of the Socotra archipelago. Quite simply a piscatorial adventure into the unknown.