The name for this project is Peji which is the Shona translation of page. I was born in Zimbabwe, and Shona is one of the local dialects.

I'm very comfortable with linear algebra and graphics rendering given my background in visual effects so I'm going to be applying my studies of Purescript to this project which I intend to be a 2-dimensional web application that will use WebGL.

I'll be choosing 2-dimensions instead of 3 because the math is simpler which frees me up to focus on the practical aspects of building an application with Purescript which is my main focus. This project should serve as a good foundation for creating all kinds of demos, and 2-dimensions is more than adequate for creating cool stuff.

Purescript and Haskell are very similar languages, and in fact Purescript is based off Haskell. Purescript could be considered a more modern version of Haskell in that it was created after Haskell and Phil Freeman, the creator of Purescript could apply the knowledge learned from the development of Haskell. Purescript is also convenient because it compiles to Javascript, and creating a web application comes with a plethora of benefits.

This will likely be a long and slow project as I have a full time job so do not really get as much time as I would like to devote to projects outside of work hours. But as the saying goes, rather late than never.